Blockley Ramblers

Blockley Ramblers: Sunday Walks Programme 2010

10 January

Walk:          Little Compton-Chastleton-Cornwell-Little Compton
Distance:     5.5 miles (3 hours), moderate
Leaders:      Brenda Samuels & Brenda Williams
Meet:          Red Lion, Little Compton
@ 10.00

14 February

Walk:          The Littletons-Cleeve Prior-Marcliff
Distance:     6.5 miles (3.5 hours), moderate

Leaders:      Sue & Tony Salmon
Meet:          Billington Lock (by Fish & Anchor) @ 10.00

14 March

Walk:          Mickleton-the Hidcotes-Mickleton
Distance:     5.5 miles (2˝ hours), moderate with one climb
Leaders:      Veronica & Michael Pearson
Mickleton Church @ 13.30

11 April

Walk:          Grafton-Sheldon Farm-Ashton-under-Hill
Distance:     5.5 miles (2˝ hours), moderate

Leaders:      Rachel Coley & Olivia Amphlett
Meet:          St Barbara’s Church, Ashton-under-Hill

9 May


Walk:          Bruern Abbey-Bleddington-Bruern Abbey
Distance:     5.5 miles (2˝ hours), easy
Leaders:      Nick Mahony & Another

Meet:          Foxholes Nature Reserve car park  @ 14.30

20 June

Walk:          Campden House Estate
Distance:     Walk around the estate
Leaders:      Pat Byrne

Further details to follow

27 June
(originally scheduled for 20 June)
Walk:          Windsor Great Park (including Savill & Valley Gardens)
Distance:     6-7 miles (3.5 hours), moderate
Leaders:      Keith & Jan Sisson

Meet:          Savill Gardens car park
Further details to follow

11 July

Walk:          Cotswold Way-Brockhampton Farm-Shenberrow
Distance:     5 miles (2.5 hours), moderate
Leaders:      Peter Mansion & Bernrd Stubbs

:          Littleworth Wood car park (Nr Snowshill) @ 14.30

8 August

Walk:          Snowshill-Stanton-Snowshill (Cotswold Way Circular Walk No 3)
Distance:     6 miles (3 hours), moderate with 2 climbs
Leaders:      Julie & Anthony Downing

Meet:          Snowshill (Public car park) @ 10.00       

12 September

Walk:          Bibury-Coln St Aldwyns-Bibury
Distance:     6 miles (3 hours), moderate, with one steep climb
Leaders:      Christine Girling & Another

Meet:          Bibury village church @ 14.30

10 October

Walk:          Blockley Jubilee Walk (Paxford, Aston Magna, Draycote, Blockley, Paxford)
Distance:     5 miles am (lunch Great Western) 2.5 miles pm, moderate
Leaders:      Sheila Weir & Another
Meet:          Churchill Arms, Paxford
@ 10.00

14 November

Walk:          Blockley-Upton Wold-Campden Hill Farm-Blockley
Distance:     5.5 miles (2.5 hours), easy
Leaders:      Bernard & Viola Stubbs

Meet:          Blockley Shop & Cafe @ 13.30

12 December

 Walk:         A Blockley Figure-of-Eight
Distance:     5.5 miles (2.5 hours), easy
Liz & Reg Pritchard
Meet:          Blockley Shop & Cafe @ 13.30

NB Everyone participating in walks does so at her/his own risk and should not leave the group without informing the leaders. Please ensure that your clothing/footwear is appropriate to the conditions. If you walk with a dog, please keep it on the lead when on roads or where live stock is present. Also, wherever possible, please share cars to avoid congestion at meeting place.


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