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 Added: 4 April 2009

Brailes Three Hills Walk - Monday 4th May 2009

Jenny recently circulated some information about this walk and here’s what she said:

Loveday has managed to find out the following information if anyone is interested in walking up the hill in Brailes which can only be walked once every year apparently.

Apparently, it'll be possible to access Brailes Hill on the spring bank holiday this year, i.e. Monday 4 May. There's an organised walk that starts @ 9.00 from Brailes Village Hall, where there is parking - it will be about 8 miles in length and dogs can be taken as long as they are on leads. It's a charity event that's raising finds in aid of the Brailes Sports Pavilion and so there will be a charge of (probably) £2/3. Refreshments will be available before and after.

Later Jenny added this information from Olivia:

I have been on this walk many times.  People set off anytime between 9 and 10 am and follow the signs. It is not a walk with a leader.  You are give a form at the beginning of the walk which is signed at the top of each of the three hills, Mine Hill, Brailes Hill and  Castle Hill, you are then given a certificate at the end of the walk (providing you complete it).  The walk usually goes through High Wall Spinney at the top of Brailes Hill, which can be seen from miles away, this route is not normally open to the public and is at the discretion of the farmer each year.  At the top of Mine Hill there is usually a refreshing drink (free); there is usually a barbecue near the top of Brailes Hill, where people can buy hamburgers, etc.  The car park at the village hall fills up very quickly but it is possible to park in the road at the side of the village hall.

There are 2 pubs in the village ‘The George’ and ‘The Gate’.  You can buy meals at ‘The George’ after the walk if you want something more substantial than the food at the village hall.  They have a large garden at the back of the pub where it is pleasant to eat if the weather is fine.

I took my son’s GPS with me on one occasion, and the walk was not as long as 8 miles, I think that 7 miles is a better estimate.

I did a bit of a search and came up with this website which has information about this year’s walk:

There are some nice photos of the 2007 and 2008 Three Hills Walks here:

Have fun!

Dick Robinson
4 April 2009.


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