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Blockley Ramblers AGM

Monday 23 November 2009 at 8pm 
(NB change of date from 16 November)

Little Village Hall, Blockley

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 Minutes of 2008 AGM – see copy attached
 Matters Arising
 Chairperson’s Report
 Treasurer’s Report
6.                   Secretary's Report
 Election of Officers
 Walks Programme 2010
          a. Sunday Programme – see form below
          b. Mid-week Programme – see Note 1 below
          c. Special walk(s) – see Note 1 below

'Walkers are welcome' – see Note 2 below
Social events including Christmas drinks
Any Other Business
Date of Next Year’s AGM

Note 1

Mid-week Programme

This is just to confirm what I think most members already know. I shall be continuing with the monthly Tuesday walk next year. Rather than trying to organise a separate Thursday walk, however, I shall be suggesting an appropriate Cotswold Wardens' walk.

This is partly for reasons of time and numbers – some Thursday walks this year have been getting only a couple of people. It's also partly a question of coming up with new walks – after 24 mid-week walks in 2008 and the same number in 2009, I'm running out of ideas!

Of course, if there members who have ideas for walks, I will always be delighted

Special walk(s)

Following the successful trip earlier in the year to London to do the Jubilee Walk, a number of members have suggested that Blockley Ramblers do something similar next year. In alphabetical order, suggestions/ideas include the following:

  • the Brecon Beacons

  • the Malverns

  • Oxford – including the Parks and Meadows

  • Thames Path – particularly from Tower Bridge through Rotherhithe in direction of Greenwich

  • Windsor – the Great Park (including the Savill and Valley Gardens)

This will be one of the items for discussion at the AGM on Monday 26 October. Perhaps you could come prepared to confirm whether you'd be interested and, if so, which walk would be your preference.

Keith Sisson

Note 2

Walkers are Welcome

I'm putting this item on the AGM Agenda partly for information (it's an interesting development in the world of walking) and partly for discussion (to consider whether Blockley Ramblers should take the initiative in seeking such status for Blockley).

Walkers are Welcome is an accreditation scheme that has emerged from, and is being promoted by, communities themselves. It's a network of towns/villages that believe they have something special to offer to walkers. Some thirty+ communities are involved up and down the country, local ones including Church Street, Malvern and Winchcombe. Membership is intended to strengthen the locality's reputation for walking, bring business to the local community; and help to ensure local walking and facilities and footpaths are maintained. Membership also offers opportunities to share ideas and experiences through a regular newsletter and an annual conference as well as informal contact.

To become a Walkers are Welcome village/town, which costs are £20 a year, involves meeting six conditions:

1. Demonstration of popular local support for the concept - for example, by signatures of local residents collected on a petition. Recommended minimum support: 50 signatures (small village), 250 signatures (small town), 500 signatures (larger community).

2. Formal endorsement of application for WALKERS ARE WELCOME status by local council. Demonstrated by the local council (unitary, district and/or town council) passing a resolution in support; allocating responsibility for WALKERS ARE WELCOME to a member of staff or committee; making small budget available

3. Action to ensure that the footpath network is maintained in good condition. This can be demonstrated by the local council and/or voluntary group making a commitment to ensure that paths in the town/village are walked at least once a year; that any obstacles are removed promptly; that efforts are taken to extend the opportunities for walking

4. Adequate marketing of WALKERS ARE WELCOME status. This can be demonstrated in a number of ways: press coverage; signs/map in the centre of town advising casual visitors of walks they could undertake; at least two waymarked walks starting from town centre; leaflets readily available; local shops encouraged to display WALKERS ARE WELCOME stickers

5. Encouragement of walking using public transport. This can be demonstrated, for example, by including clear public transport advice on marketing leaflets

6. Demonstration of mechanisms in place to maintain WALKERS ARE WELCOME status
This can be demonstrated by the creation of a local WALKERS ARE WELCOME steering group or Advisory Board

If you would like further details of the Welcome Walkers network, you will find them at Winchcombe also has dedicated website showing how to make the most of membership (

Is this something Blockley Ramblers should encourage the local community to go for? Would Blockley businesses/residents welcome more walkers? Could there be advantages in terms of walking facilities? If the answer to these and similar questions is positive, is there sufficient interest, drive and energy within Blockley Ramblers to take the initiative?

Keith Sisson

Blockley Ramblers Sunday Walks Form

If you are willing to lead a walk on the 2010 Sunday Walks Programme, please complete the form and send to  or Jenny Bruce, Secretary, Blockley Ramblers, Northwick Terrace, Blockley, GL56 9. Alternatively, bring it the AGM.

Please note: Local walks are preferable during December, January and February

Name of Leader and Back Marker

Address and telephone

Date(s) offered - Please tick preferred date(s)

10 Jan   2010

14 Feb   2010

14 Mar  2010

11 Apr  2010

  9 May 2010

13 June 2010

11 July 2010

  8 Aug 2010

12 Sep  2010

10 Oct  2010

14 Nov 2010

12 Dec 2010


Meeting Point

Car Parking


Duration of Walk

Route Outline

Route Terrain (e.g. Easy, Moderate, mud, stiles etc)

An other points to note

NB If you'd like to lead a walk, but are hesitant about suggesting a specific one, you might like to know that the National Trails Office have come up with a number of circular walks based on the Cotswold Way. If you would be interested in leading a walk based on one of these, please simply write Cotswold Way walk where its says 'Route outline' above. If you would like further details before doing so, go to and/or have a word with Keith on 01386 700159 or




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