Edith Elizabeth APPLETON





Last updated: 13 March 2008

Early 1900s

This page contains photos of the four original diaries.

Volume 1 - 5 April 1915 to 29 May 1915
19 typed pages, starting at page 112
- part way through the entry for 5 April 1915 and ending with three lines of the entry for 9 April. The first 111 pages are missing and sadly we have no information about them.  After two more missing pages (113 and 114)  the diary starts with just one word from the entry for 13 April (page 115) and continues until page 132 which ends part way through 29 May 1915.

Volume 2 - 25 July 1915 to 25 April 1916
132 handwritten pages with some sketches

Volume 3 - 8 May 1916 to 15 November 1916
134 handwritten pages with some sketches

Volume 4 - 21 June 1918 to 27 December 1918
154 handwritten pages with some sketches.
The final volume ends all of a sudden and it is clear that some back pages are missing.

The four diaries together.

Top left: Volume One (typed pages)

Top right: Volume Two (handwritten)

Bottom left: Volume Three (handwritten)

Bottom right: Volume Four (handwritten)

Volume One Cover

Inscription reads: WAR DIARIES 1914-15  E.E.A.

Volume One inside cover and opening page 

Inscription on left reads: 
This Diary belongs to:
July 1915
Pinewood Cottage
Beech Hill

Volume Two Cover

Volume Two opening page

Volume Three Cover

Volume Three inside cover

Inscription on right reads:
Pour ma m
Avec mes amiti
s sincere

Volume Three opening page

Volume Four Cover

Volume Four opening page